Sunday, April 2, 2017

Work, work, work

Renewing a whole suite is quite laborious, so let's get down to it! Work, work, work!

Makeover, Redesign Helmet, 0 SC
Makeover, Redesign Belt, 0 SC
Callie's Picks, Silk Blouse, 150 SC
Original Future, Glowing Blue Denim Jeans, 79 SC
UGG, Laelahologram white, 74 SC

Complete list of items here:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Outer Space

Never say no to a strange and fun outfit in Stardoll! I find this one specially funny, maybe because of the big green head, maybe because my hair looks like a strange beard attached to it hahaha

BOD MOD, Therese Alien Face, 11 SD
BOD MOD, Therese Alien Body, 9 SD
Girl vs. Monster, Tank Top, 0 SC
Bonjour Bizou, High Waist Shorts, 16 SD
Fallen Angel, Armor Top, 130 SC
Fallen Angel, Space Vixen Boots, 13 SC
RIO, Karin Feller Inspired Necklace, 20 SC

Complete list of items here:

Monday, March 13, 2017


One complex outfit over here. Hope you like.

Fallen Angel, Shiny Legs, 0 SD
It Girls, Audrey Boots, 4 SC
Right arm
BOD MOD, Witch Wand Medium, 17 SD
Left arm
BOD MOD, Witch Book Medium, 15 SD
Fallen Angel, Organic Cotton Scarf, 72 SD
Vampire bitemarks
Atom, Gift Bitemarks, 0 SC
10 Years Anniversary, Balenciaga Inspired Cute Top, 0 SC
OTTO, Drapped Top Dress, 7 SC
BOD MOD, Witch Hat, 120 SC
KOHL'S, Candies Ruched Flyaway Cardigan, 10 SC

Complete list of items here:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

80's comeback

Mr., Gold Rime Shades, 79 SC
Active, Ballet Training Body, 140 SC
Vinyl, Vintage Bagy Jeans, 130 SC
Trails, Kahki Patched Crossbody Bag, 110 SC
Stardoll, Floral clutch, 0 SC
Pretty in Love, Fluffy Shoes, 0 SC

Complete list of items here:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

New York Streets

New York is a vibrant, yet classy city. That's why I named this outfit like that, in honour of this beautiful and modern city.

Starpoint Rewards, Vintage Chain Sunglasses, 0 SC
BASICS, White Lace Dress, 58 SC
Stardoll Academy, Glamourous Over Coat, 0 SC
Starpoint Rewards, Perfectly Styled Scarf, 0 SC
Starpoint Rewards, Vintage Chain Sunglasses, 0 SC
Starpoint Rewards, Sleek Designer Bag, 0 SC
LIU·JO, Beigegolden Shoes, 0 SC

Complete list of items here:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why did I embrace a curly hairstyle

Hi readers! I know, I haven't been a very active writer lately. I also don't intend to be really active on the future, but I'll keep this blog to post something occasionally.
So, as many of you may have seen while visiting my doll, I've drastically changed my hairstyle. Now, it looks like this:

Why curly? You may think.
Well, let me explain you a few things.
First of all, from the start I've always wanted my doll to look like me. I know most of the girls use Stardoll as a way of trying new hairstyles and clothes in real life they can't wear, but that's not my case. I wanted my doll to be me, and I have curly hair, so that's the first reason why I changed my online style.
On the other hand, as a curly-haired person in real life, I can't help but notice how media and society in general sends the message that a girl needs straight hair in order to be "pretty". Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but look around: celebrities, fashion books and magazines... where's the curly, afro or coily hair? Of course, there are curly haired beauties, but they're the exception to the rule.

Altough lately the fashion industry is getting more open-minded, it's not only there where the problem is. When searching for a job, or for certain events, curly-haired people are required to "make their hair look normal". Curls —be they tightly coiled and "poofy," or loose and wavy, whether they grow out toward the sky or lay down on your shoulders— aren't something to be tamed or "pulled back." And they're certainly not "unprofessional" or "bad-looking". They're beautiful! (You want some examples? Check out this or this).
In my life, I've struggled with that thought: I've straightened my hair a hundred times and wore ponytails when I could't, just to think I was pretty. That's the key word: THINK. Because (now I see it), curly hair IS also pretty, in a whole different way than straight hair is! Is that bad? Not at all. But, by loving my curly hair, I also love myself.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

All Black

Have you ever felt like wearing and all black look, even if it's summer? Well, today was that day for me.

Underneath Stardoll, Bandeau Bra Bronze, 8 SD
Monster High, Bow Hat, 0 SC
Fallen Angel, Humanoid Shirt, 99 SC
It Girls, Skirt, 16 SC
It Girls, Audrey Boots, 4 SC
RIO, Gold Sequin Pochette, 26 SC

There you have the complete list of things:

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